The Creative Solution to Holiday Storage

Holiday Decor Storage

With the largest decorative holidays on the horizon for Plano homeowners the problem of finding self storage in Plano to store the different decorations without cluttering up your garage or attic can easily arise. Although some holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving may have some similar colors and decorative aspects, come December you will need to be putting the skeletons and gourds away to make room for the snowmen and Santas.

Most homeowners are able to store their different holiday decorations comfortably in their home. However, if you are one for the larger decorations, or if you like to go all out for all of your holidays, storage units in Plano may be a great alternative and cost-effective method for storing your decorations. Here are some of the best reasons for taking this creative route to keeping your holiday decorations organized.

Self-Storage is Cost-Effective for Holiday Storage

We have all seen that person who has boxes upon boxes of Christmas and Halloween decorations. Not only do these boxes take up precious attic, basement, garage, and shed space, but they are usually made out of more expensive materials than a cardboard box.

By going through a self-storage in Plano, Tx route for maintaining your holiday decorations you can pack your goods in standard boxes and rest at ease. With self-storage, you are in control of how your property is taken care of. No longer are your decorations going to be at risk of being damaged by the natural elements and moisture that can easily ruin a favorite decoration.

In short, self-storage helps you save on several things:

  • Save on your home space
  • Save money on materials that your storage center may provide
  • Save money by not having to re-purchase items due to elemental damage

Know the Best Ways Store in Your Unit

Even with a self-storage unit involved with your holiday decoration storage, your space is still relatively limited. Understanding the best things to store in your unit will help you to maximize the use of the space that you are renting out.

Utilize ornament storage boxes, shelving, and totes to help you organize your storage unit . Also, we recommend that you color-code your storage bins. Since you will only be going for these decorations once a year or so, it is important that they are easy to identify and take out whenever you need them.

As far as the larger items like wreaths and Christmas trees, one tip to extend the life of these decorations by storing them in a heavy-duty plastic bag that is made specifically for larger decorations. Finding these bags may take some effort, but the longevity of your decorations is well worth the time.

Sunbelt Self Storage is Grand Prairie’s Holiday Storage Solution

If you are overwhelmed with your holiday decorations and simply need a place to store them at a reasonable rate, contact Sunbelt Self Storage this holiday season. We offer storage units in Grand Prairie and Plano storage units and will be more than happy to help get your decorations organized in one of our climate controlled storage units. Reach out to us to find out more about our available units.