4 Steps to Successfully Storing Items in Non Climate-Controlled Storage

Non Climate Controlled Storage Unit

If you are in the middle of a move or have downsized your home, you are most likely in need of using a storage unit for some of your household belongings. Although climate-controlled units are a possibility, people often forget that there are both environmental and financial benefits for storing your items in a non climate-controlled storage unit.

At Sunbelt Self Storage we believe in offering the best available uses for storage units, but also feel that our customers should understand how to properly store their items. Here are some of our tips for having a successful experience with your non climate-controlled storage unit.

1. Check Out the Unit First

While most companies will routinely clean out their available units, it is always a great idea to check beforehand for possible insect issues. Spray the area with pesticides regularly and check for spider webs or eggs in areas of the unit that could easily be overlooked during standard cleaning.

When moving furniture into a storage unit that is not climate-controlled, you will want to take some extra precautions. Scoping out the location for potential bug issues and taking care of them yourself will be a big help.

2. Be Sure to Cover Up

If you are storing furniture in your non climate-controlled unit, make sure that you are prepared for the measures it will take to keep your valuables safe. Most storage unit companies will have materials prepared for you to do this.

We advise that you wrap your mattresses, sofas, and anything that is upholstered with plastic. By doing this you are effectively protecting your furniture from humidity damage, dirt and once again, insects.

3. Location Counts for your Non Climate- Controlled Unit

Even though your unit will not have an AC or heater inside, you still have some control with how much heat and humidity your belongings are initially exposed to. When selecting a storage unit, try to aim for a unit that is interior and facing a hallway. These units are less likely to have the extreme heat and humidity issues that other non-climate controlled units may have.

Wrap up your goods in non climate controlled storage4. Further Insulate with More Plastic

This tip may require a little more effort on your behalf, but it can be a major life saver for your goods in storage. By hanging plastic coverings on the walls, ceiling, and floor of your unit, you are further protecting your unit from attracting the inevitable moisture and mold involved with storage onto your household items. This is a great step to follow through on before storing your things.

Be Satisfied with Your Storage Options at Sunbelt Self Storage

If you are planning on storing your furniture or other belongings in a non climate-controlled storage unit, Sunbelt Self Storage has the unit for you. We offer 24-hour surveillance and also provide moving supplies to our customers. Call us today to learn about our storage availability.